Akira Hiramoto’s popular echhi manga series, Prison School, is getting a live-action TV series, which will air late at night, starting this October, and the official series website has now unveiled the cast in costume as they prepare for their new television show.


Leading the cast will be the five prison boys, who will be the first male students in Hachimitsu Academy. Taishi Nakagawa will star in the series as the male lead, Kiyoshi.


The other four Prison Boys include Tokio Emoto as Gakuto, Masato Yano as Shingo, Comedian Galigaligalixon as Andre, and a mystery ctor whose identity is yet to be revealed playing as Joe.

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Meanwhile, the three girls who are guaranteed to give them a hard time, the underground student council, will comprise of Hirona Yamazaki as President Mari Kurihara, Asana Mamoru as Vice President Meiko Shiraki, and Aoi Morikawa as Secretary Hana Midorikawa. Mamoru, who plays the manga/ anime’s most famous punisher, has previously appeared in the live-action Ghost in the Shell Arise stage play. She is known for her “assets”, yet many fans have voiced out that her “assets” may not live up to Meiko’s gargantuan proportions.

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Some of the supporting cast members have also been revealed, and they include Kiyoshi’s love interest, Chiyo, who is played by none other than Rena Takeda. Yuuko Araki will meanwhile play as Anzu, who is Shingo’s love interest. Finally, the school chairman will be played by veteran actor, Masahiro Takashima.

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Because of the series’ graphic nature, which includes scenes of abuse, punishment, and nudity, the live-action Prison School series will be aired late at night in Japan. It is slated to premiere on 25 October 2015.

Source: Comic Natalie