Sailor Moon Crustal may have already ended its run, but to some Moonies (Sailor Moon fans), their Sailor Moon high is far from over. That is why the ON STATION Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will be serving lunches inspired by the series.

From 1 – 28 September, the cafe will be serving this unique anime-inspired menu, featuring the “Mako-chan Bento”, which is inspired by the actual lunch Sailor Jupiter brought with her in the anime. The bento costs 1,000 yen.


This Sailor Venus-inspired lunch plate, meanwhile, includes a savory pie known as a quiche, some salad, and a carbonara pasta, and it also costs 1,000 yen.


Chibi-Usa meanwhile inspires these Prism Heart Canapes, which costs 800 yen and are served with a side of salad.


 The cafe will also be selling these Sailor Moon Crystal tumblers, which costs 1,000 yen, as well as a special muffler towel worth 1,200 yen, and finally, an acrylic key chain worth 750 yen.

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Source: Comic Natalie