Kantai Collection continues their autumn festival theme with their latest update as seven more fleet girls have received their own Yukata CG art.

Destroyer Inazuma


Destroyer Ikazuchi


Light Cruiser Tama


Light Cruiser Kuma


Light Aircraft Carrier Chiyoda


Light Aircraft Carrier Chitose


Destroyer Harusame


However, this latest update has one lasting effect as it gives the aircraft carrier, Shoukaku, her very own and much deserved Kai Ni upgrade. But Shoukaku doesn’t just get one Kai Ni, she gets two!


To get Shoukaku Kai Ni, admirals must have Shoukaku at Level 80 and must have the Prototype Flightdeck (rewarded during the Summer 2015 Event) and a Blue Print. While Shoukaku Kai Ni is a standard Fleet Carrier, she can be upgraded to Shoukaku Kai Ni A, an Armored Aircraft Carrier, and she can get to this form by levveling Shoukaku Kai Ni to level 88. As an armored carrier, Shoukau Kai Ni can now launch planes at medium damage. She also gets a slight stat increase.

Admirals also have plenty to rejoice about because Training Cruiser Katori and Destoyer Akigumo are now going to be available via normal ship construction. Yes folks, you can now normally get that sadistic teacher ship, Katori, so masochists, rejoice!


The update also adds new autumn voice lines for Ayanami, Shikinami, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Shigure, Yuudachi, Harusame, Kuma, Tama, Yura, Fusou, Yamashiro, Chitose, and Chiyoda.