In Japan, Halloween, a western tradition had been gaining popularity. To celebrate the occasion, which is known to be filled with witches, one good choice would be the magical girls of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


Aniplex+, the official anime merchandise distributor for Aniplex, has turned the Madoka Magica girls into cute little monsters ready, to go trick-or-treat! Their official website is now presenting the five Halloween-themed magical girls as standees, and each one will be released on 24 October, 2015, just in time to decorate your home for Halloween! I bet that ghost and werewolf over there can scare a lot of kids!

Madoka Kaname Halloween Ver.


Homura Akemi as a ghost


Mami Tomoe as Red Riding Hood


Sayaka Miki as a jester


Kyouko Sakura as a werewolf


I wonder why nobody dressed up as a witch… oh… wait, there’s one with Mami. Each one of these life-size standees costs 15,000 yen, tax included.