Danbo or Danboard from Kiyohiko Azuma’s bestselling manga, Yotsuba &!, has become a pop culture icon in Japan, and there are many associated figures and merchandise. However, these Danbo figures have gotten a new twist as of late thanks to figure makers, Sen-Ti-Nel.


Called “Nyanboard”, these new kitty Danbos are made of ABC material and come in sets of three, however, you can also buy all ten new Nyanboard figures as well. For the sets of three Nyanboards, there are three of these sets in total, “Sweet”, “Mild”, and “Bitter”, while the set of ten contains all three sets plus one bonus. The sets of three costs 2,041 yen, while the complete set of 10 costs 6,804 yen.


These new Nyanboard figures by Sen-Ti-Nel are scheduled for release on 30 November 2015, and of course, make excellent photography subjects.

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They are available in the following cat colors: Tabby (bi-color), Pointed, Classic Danboard, Bi-Color (Gray), Black, Calico (Orange), Calico (Brown), Tabby (normal), White, and Bi-Color (Black).


source: Comic Natalie