The battle for humanity’s survival in Attack on Titan gets even more intense as they have enlisted man’s best friend in the war against the dreaded titans… well, sort of.


Attack on Titan is teaming up with Japanese pet accessory company, Sniff, for a special collaboration which offers official Attack on Titan Survey Corps costumes for dogs. Now ain’t that just the cutest?


Fans can either choose the Survey Corps cloak, which costs 3,780 yen, or the Survey Corps uniform, which costs 7,344 yen. And as any dog-lover would know, dogs come in many sizes, so they also have that covered as these pet costumes come in small, medium, and large sizes.


Yeah! Those titans are scared now! Is it just me or does that Eren Chihuahua look badass?


According to Yahoo!, these official Attack on Titan costumes are not only made for dogs to wear, but cat lovers rejoice, because cats can wear them too!

source: Kotaku