The Japanese language version of the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, has revealed that the Chinese are making their own Doraemon movie. Unlike the ones from Japan which are usually animated, this one will be in live-action. Here’s how the famous blue robotic cat from the future looks like in this Chinese live-action movie, which is titled “Bài tuō la xiǎo dīngdāng“:


Instead of the iconic look we are all used to, this Chinese take on Doraemon leans more to the realistic side. People’s Daily also mentioned that the movie is a “very promising work based on the original manga, with many innovative elements”. Here are the Chinese versions of Doraemon and Nobita, who looks a bit too old to be in elementary. Perhaps this is one of those “innovative elements?”


But wait, is that Ultramother?! We’re not really sure either… but hey, we also get to see their versions of Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka, right?


Doraemon is quite popular in mainland China and has quite a large following. In fact, Crunchyroll has noted that Stand by Me, Doraemon has been very popular both in the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong.