In Japan, the anime song, or AniSong industry, is one huge industry which makes up a considerable amount of the Jpop industry, and one Japanese college has taken attention to its rise. Enter the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.


Found in Kawasaki, the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music is offering a brand new course for students who want to specialize on AniSongs, as they will provide training  and education for students who want to appeal more to the anime-watching audience.

Last year, the school celebrated its 90th anniversary, and as they searched new fields that they can expand on, the administrators have found that AniSong would be one very good choice as they look into the future. Known as the AS (Anime Song) Course, students who have chosen this course will be enrolling in several classes which specializes in anime and anime songs.

Students taking the AS Course will also be taking lessons in dancing and web content creation, which is a must for every AniSong singer these days. Their lessons also include voice acting and narration, so those interested in becoming seiyuus would feel right at home with them.


AS Course manager, Masataka Matsuo, who is also the director of the Japan Society for Contemporary Music, has stated that:

“We welcome those applicants who want to spread their wings and reach the world through their voice, acting, and music.”

The course is not only open to the local Japanese students, but foreigners as well. In fact, the school is offering scholarships to international students, and the AS Course has been outlined in their English website. According to the website:

This course invites students to spread their wings and increase the appeal and expressiveness of their voices in an artistic culture unique to Japan that is centered around animation, and is currently gathering intense attention from all around the world. In this course, you will gain expressiveness, with your voice as the core, while learning singing, narration, vocalization, pronunciation, recitation, and acting, from multiple angles.

Additionally, in this course you will be able to learn a wide variety of subjects, such as dance performance and web content creation that makes use of your personal expressiveness.

Aim to become a vocal artist active in the voice acting and anime song world by gaining proficient abilities and flexible responsiveness, while making full use of a varied curriculum that is characteristic of a university.

Well, that certainly makes one closer to his/her AniSong dreams, however, the courses are offered only in Japanese, so learning the language before applying is a must for interested applicants.

Source: Rocket news 24