Everybody knows that finding a new place to stay can be tough, and that is especially true in Tokyo where rent prices are known to be astronomical. However, even with the high cost of living in such a metropolis like Tokyo, anime fans can get a bit of a treat thanks to a certain Tokyo-based realtor called Nyanpochi.


Nyanpochi caters to the anime-viewing public, and is offering rooms which can come with anime-themed curtains, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and posters. Hey, the even have their own catgirl mascots, Pochi, Mike, and Maro.


They offer people who sign a lease with them special points, which can be redeemed with Curtain Damashii, which is famous for providing anime-themed interiors for some of Japan’s resident anime-lovers. According to Rocket News 24, “Depending on the exact property, the voucher will be equal to either half a month’s or a full month’s rent, which means you could possibly end up receiving more in anime goodies than you’re paying in realtor’s fees.”


What makes this deal so great is that you can choose which curtains or sheets that are going inside your apartments when redeeming your points. Curtain Damashii is selling curtains and other anime-themed home merchandise from a variety of series, so whether you are into Touken Ranbu, or a Hestia fanboy, you are free to choose whatever series best suits your taste.

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Hmmmmmm… I wonder which one of these anime-themed apartments I will choose for myself?

Source: Rocket news 24