Just like Char Aznable getting an upgrade in mobile suits from his old Zaku II to a Gelgoog, and eventually to a Zeong, Char is also getting his own Toyota Auris car upgraded, and Toyota has unveiled a new animated commercial promoting the new car as it gets ready to be sold for the public.

Also featuring Lalah Sune and Char’s Zaku II, the video features Char driving to a mountain base, while keeping up with his own custom commander-type Zaku II, which is piloted by Lalah in the video. Both Char and Lalah are voiced by their original seiyuus, Shuuichi Ikeda and Keiko Han respectively.

Toyota also featured several other videos promoting the customized Char car.

This final video features the development of this new Zeonic Toyota Char Exclusive Auris II, including some tuning and decal detailing.

The Zeonic Toyota Char Exclusive Auris II, or Char’s Auris II, will be available for the public starting next month. It features the “Char Exclusive Navi II” system, which is voiced by both Shuuichi Ikeda (Char) and Keiko Han (Lalah).

Source: ANN