It’s festival season in Japan, which means we get to see wonderful mikoshi, or portable shrines, being paraded throughout Japan. One such mikoshi has gotten the attention of many Gundam fans is a certain red Zaku II.


Every year, Shiobara Onsen, a local hot springs resort located in Tochigi Prefecture, which conducts a special festival to celebrate the ascension of Emperor Taisho to the throne. Like many Japanese festivals, this one features plenty of unique mikoshi, one of which seems to be piloted by the red comet himself, Char Aznable. I just have one question though, is this red mikoshi three times faster and three times stronger than a normal mikoshi?

shiobaraonsenzaku3 shiobaraonsenzaku4

The Zaku II featured in the mikoshi sports some very nice detailing, which has impressed many Japanese netizens. Its mono-eye even lights up to complete the whole thing!


But if you think the Zaku II was the only one turning heads, Hello Kitty and Bob the Minion from Despicable Me also have mikoshi of their own!

shiobaraonsenhellokitty shiobaraonsenminion

Known as the Shiobara Onsen Festival , the area’s six districts join in on the festivities as they offer up their own decorated portable shrine, which is then carried through the streets by the townspeople.

source: Rocket News 24