Haruka Tomatsu, best known for voicing Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki and To Love-Ru’s Lala Deviluke, is also known to be the voice behind Kyoto Gakuen University’s official PR character Sono Uzumasa. She reprises her role again in a new TV ad for the school

This new ad is actually the second TV as in the university’s “The Dream of the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly” series, which has its first part shown back in July. You can watch the first as through this link: http://www.afachan.asia/2015/07/seiyuu-haruka-tomatsu-voices-new-animated-ad-japanese-university/

“The Dream of the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly” TV ads promotes the protection of endangered species, and features Sono Uzumasa learning about the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly. Kyoto Gakuen announced they have installed flower sanctuaries for these butterflies around the university grounds, which is also an environment-friendly campus which promotes biodiversity.

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So she’s not only beautiful and has a great voice, but she’s also working to save an endangered species, keep up the good work Haruka!