Mark your calendars, because BACK-ON will be making its first appearance on the anisong stage as part of the AFASG “REBOOT” concert on 27 November 2015.

BACK-ON - image 01

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, BACK-ON is a four-man rock band consisting of the following members:

  • Kenji03 – Lead vocals, mc, Rhythm guitar
  • Teeda – mc, Rap vocals
  • Shu – Lead Guitar
  • Gori – Bass

BACK-ON’s music, while quintessentially rock, is not confined to just one genre, with the bank having dabbled in an array of genres, ranging from alternative rock, hard rock, to rap rock and even synthopop. Infusing different elements into its music has given the band a sound that is at once contemporary and old school; a distinct sound that it has made its own. Even though the band’s music spans different genres, BACK-ON never strays too far from its rock roots – most of its songs feature lead vocalist Kenji03’s strong vocals, backed with eclectic guitar riffs, solid rhythm and a stable bass line.

The band’s very first burst onto the anime scene came in the form of “Chain”, the opening theme for the anime Air Gear (which coincidentally, was also their first single). Since then, BACK-ON has lent their sound to anime series such as Eyeshield 21, Gundam Build Fighters, and Murder Princess, creating one a many memorable anime opening and ending theme. Their most recent foray into the anime world is their highly addictive hit single “Strike Back” (a personal favourite), which was used as the 16th opening theme for the long running shounen series Fairy Tail.

Despite this being its first time on AFASG’s anisong stage, BACK-ON is no stranger to the anime stage scene, having appeared at various anime events such as the 2007 Anime Matsuri in Houston Texas, the 2013 Anime USA and the 2014 Anime Friends in Brazil.

The band’s appeal lies not just in its music, but also the energy that exudes from the band members. True to its name (it has been said that their name in Japanese is the sound of an explosion), BACK-ON’s performances sure pack an explosive punch. More often than not, their performances are so “high tension”, getting members of the audience all riled up and energised.

BACK-ON - image 02

And so, after all that’s been said, be sure to catch the band’s very first full live performance on the AFASG15 anisong stage this November 27th! We’ll be seeing you then~