We all have those series that we want to pass down to our kids or for the next generation to enjoy, and the Japanese anime website, Charapedia, has conducted a poll and asked 10,000 anime fans on which anime or manga series do they want to recommend to their kids.

Charapedia usually bases the results on the points each entry gets, and this is decided not only by the number of votes, but the comments as well. Here are the Top 20 results:

20. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (99 points)

19. Pokémon (122 points)

18. Little Busters! (127 points)

17. A Certain… Series (137 points)

16. Love Live! (140 points)

15. Natsume’s Book of Friends (141 points)

14. Digimon Adventure (146 points)

13. Slam Dunk (147 points)

12. Angel Beats! (151 points)

11. K-On! (156 points)

10. Kuroko’s Basketball (158 points)

9. Haikyuu! (165 points)

8. Your Lie in April (175 points)

7. Sword Art Online (181 points)

6. Doraemon (193 points)

5. Gintama (217 points)

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4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (221 points)


3. One Piece (227 points)


2. Naruto (261 points)


1. Clannad (370 points)


While series like Doraemon and Digimon Adventure, or even Shounen anime like Naruto and One Piece are very understandable, it seems like many people want to see their kids crying with the #1 ranked Clannad and the #4 ranked AnoHana.

And then there are the people who seem to want their kids traumatized… come on people, Madoka Magica?!

Source: Rocket News 24