The month of October is usually known for when ghouls and goblins to roam the streets for Halloween. Sega’s indoor amusement park, Joypolis, has announced that the ghouls are taking over for a special collaboration, which will not only include Tokyo Ghoul-themed foods and goodies, but also new attractions.


From 22 October 2015 until 11 January 2016, the characters from Sui Ishida’s bestselling horror manga will be appearing in the theme park for the event which has been dubbed as “Tokyo Ghoul × Joypolis ~ Infiltrate the Joypolis Ghoul Hideout!”. The attractions for this collaboration include a 3D mapping movie and several Tokyo Ghoul-related games and activities. The theme park will also start a new walk-through  attraction called the “Deadly Escape” beginning mid-November, as well as a Tokyo Ghoul escape game called Break Out of the Sealed Joypolis!, which will begin on 14 November until 29 December.

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The theme park will also be offering Tokyo Ghoul merchandise which range from mugs to parkas to cookies. They will also be giving away special Tokyo Ghoul merchandise as game prizes.

Like any theme park, Joypolis also has a variety of food shops within its vicinity, and some of these food shops will be serving a few Tokyo Ghoul-inspired meals and drinks. Don’t worry, none of them contain human flesh… or do they?

Kaneki’s Awakening curry rice


Rabbit omurice


Tsukiyama’s Tres Bien pie


Juuzo Chuuro and hot chocolate set


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Source: Comic Natalie