One Punch Man is definitely one of the most highly anticipated anime of 2015, and to promote the anime further, director Shyingo Natsume takes fans on a tour behind the scenes of One Punch Man.

In the video, Natsume said that they paid special attention to the action scenes that the original One Punch Man manga is known for. They tried their best to be faithful to the source manga. He also talked about the anime’s staff and how helpful they are, and teased fans about what to expect in the first episode.


The anime is be based on the best-selling and highly-popular shounen battle manga series by Eyeshield 21 creator, Yuusuke Murata and ONE, both of whom have been very active in their involvement in the anime. as explained in the video. It revolves around the titular character, One Punch Man, who has trained so hard that his hair fell off and that he can basically solve any problem with just a single punch. Yep, this hero is totally over-powered, and because of this, his victories have become so easy that he has become a little bit too bored already.

Source: Crunchyroll