One Punch Man is living up to the hype, and to celebrate the new anime, a new website for smartphones has been launched. It allow fans to measure how strong they can punch, and whether they can live up to main character Saitama’s awesome one-hit punches.

Fans can visit to measure their punching power, however, they can only measure that with their smartphone’s camera.


Once they get into the website and take the challenge, one random monster will appear to attack your town, and you have to beat him/ her with one punch before the countdown timer reaches zero. Fans must punch in the direction of their smartphone camera within a time limit in order to measure how powerful their punch is.


Once the punching power is measured, the website will then measure how long will you be able to send the villain flying, you know, just like what Saitama usually does to his enemies.


The people with the Top 10 strongest punches will be getting prizes like One Punch Man wallpapers, while the person who has the most powerful punch will be getting a colored illustration from One Punch Man creators Yusuke Murata and ONE.

Source: Comic Natalie