After years of being apart, surely you would want to hug someone dear to you, right? And that is exactly what happened to Taichi and Agumon when they meet again for the first time in years in a new screenshot from the upcoming first part of Digimon Adventure Tri.


However, it seems that their emotional reunion hug was cut a bit short because Agumon has to Digivolve into Greymon. I wonder why?


It has also been revealed that seiyuu Miho Arakawa (Penguindrum’s Himari Takakura and Yurikuma Arashi’s Ginko Yurishiro) will be joining the Digimon Adventure Tri. cast as Taichi’s classmate, Meiko Mochizuki.


The new character, Meiko, has been described as a shy and quiet transfer student who gets caught up in a Digimon battle while roaming Odaiba in search of something.

The series will also see the return of Kouji Wada who will perform a new rendition of the opening song “Butter-Fly”, as well as  Ayumi Miyazaki who will also perform a new rendition of the insert song, “Brave Heart”. Originally planned to be a TV anime which was supposed to premiere last April, the first part of Digimon Adventure Tri. will be making its long-awaited premiere this 21 November 2015.

Source: Dengeki Online