In an English press release by GameSamba for an upcoming Tokyo Ghoul smartphone game, it was revealed that the horror anime based on Sui Ishida’s New York Times bestselling manga will be getting a third season, and this was according to FUNimation Entertainment CEO and President Gen Fukunaga.

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According to Fukunaga, “With Season 2 now finished and Season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the mobile game has only grown higher.” He did not go much into details with this third season, but since Funimation has licensed both Tokyo Ghoul anime, and its their president/ CEO announcing it himself, many are already celebrating.

Meanwhile, according to the GameSamba press release, the smartphone game will be:

The new “Tokyo Ghoul” game will focus on the conflict between humans and the CCG. By selecting a side, players will be able to help determine the path that the conflict takes. With elements of RPGs and action games, the “Tokyo Ghoul” game will remain faithful to the source material’s style, as players choose to hunt humans, or protect them.

The game will be available in English worldwide on Android and Apple devices. It is currently scheduled for release in 2016. The home video release and the digital HD dub version of “Tokyo Ghoul” Season 1 will be available starting September 22, 2015. The digital subtitled version has already been released.

Both Funimation and GameSamba are part of the same parent company, which is Group 1200 Media.