Yowamushi Pedal the Movie has finally premiered in Japan on 6 October. During a stage presentation during the movie’s premiere, YowaPeda fans have another reason to celebrate as it was revealed that the TV anime is getting a third season! They also revealed an announcement trailer for this third season.

A new visual for the third season has also been revealed, and it features Yowamushi Pedal’s lovable otaku main character, Onoda.


Yowamushi Pedal the Movie was supposed to be the “last race” for the third year members of Sohoku High School’s cycling team, and it still has not been announced as to when this third season will be taking place. The stage presentation also said that more announcements, such as the anime’s staff and air dates, will be revealed in the near future.

The first season ran from October 2013 until June 2014 while the second season ran from October 2014 until March 2015. Expect Yowamushi Pedal fans to really be looking forward to this one!

Source: Comic Natalie