Taking the perfect cosplay picture takes a lot of effort and behind-the-scenes magic, and as mentioned our previous article shows, these behind-the-scenes antics can also get down right hilarious. As they say about magic, it’s all smoke and mirrors.


Lacking the required height to make the shoot more realistic?Well, that can be fixed:

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Want to be accurate about the characters’ height? Bending the knees help a lot! Though the tallest character can just stand straight, or he/she can also go on tiptoes.


Want to use a particular effect? Well… it’s… MAGIC! Just don’t include the lower body.

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Laying katanas on the ground can be difficult as you may ruin the tatami mat floor (or any floor for that matter). Thankfully, that can also be fixed so you can get a perfect shot.


Not strong enough to lift a person for that perfect shot? No problemo!

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Meanwhile, this technique looks like it’s taken from an episode of Breaking the Magician’s Code.


Taking a picture of a person riding a bike can be difficult, however…


Basically, you can just get rid of the bike entirely…


You can also wait for a plane to pass by in the right place at the right time to get a good shot… or not at all.

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Want an outdoor shoot with sakuras but they are not in season? Not a problem at all!

cr-11 cr-12

Need some wind effects? Done!


How about some splashing effects for that perfect Free! shoot?

cr-14 cr-15

Your partner did not show up for your shoot? All you need is a wig and some empty hands…


Genius, right?!

Source: Rocket News 24