Akira Hiramoto’s bestselling ecchi manga, Prison School, is getting a live-action TV adaptation later this month. One week before it airs, a new special preview video has been streamed, which takes a peek at some of the abuse the boys will be getting at the hands of the Underground Student Council.

The video also features the TV series’ theme song by the J-Rock band, Good on the Reel titled Search Light. It also announces the air dates and late night air times, as the live-action adaptation will begin airing on 25 October 2015.

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Just like the anime adaptation, this new live-action series will follow Akira Hiramoto’s manga, which is about the first five male students who have enrolled in the prestigious former all-girls school, Hachimitsu Academy. They are the only boys in school, however, they are about to learn that this high girl-to-boy ratio is anything but heavenly. Enter the Underground Student Council.

This is certainly no “Prison of Love”… You can check out the cast of this live-action adaptation through this link: http://www.afachan.asia/2015/09/entertainment-prison-school-gets-live-action-late-night-tv-series-cast-revealed/

source: Prison School official