Nintendo is one of the most family friendly video game companies on Earth, and its official LINE account, which is “run” by Toad (Kinopio in Japan), has been spreading some good vibes. It lets gamers relive good times about its past consoles and games, which have been etched in the hearts of many gamers all over the world.


If you send the account a message containing the name or a nickname of a Nintendo console, Toad will post an image of that very console for you. If you type Famicom (Family Computer, or NES in the west) or Super Family Computer (SNES in the west), Toad will totally give you a reply in kind.


And while consoles like the Nintendo 64 (or N64) and even the Game Boy Advance SP are known to the more mainstream fans, the LINE account also shows some love to some not-so-well-known Nintendo goodies like the Virtual Boy and the SatellaView, an add-on device for the Super Famicom/ SNES.

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However, Toad seems to be a little less friendly when you mention PlayStation, which of course is made by one of Nintendo’s most bitter rivals, Sony.


Well, let this be a lesson kids, one does not simply talk about the PlayStation with Nintendo…

Source: Rocket News 24