Capcom will be releasing Monster Hunter X (pronounced as Monster Hunter Cross) on 28 Nov 2015. It is the latest video game in the Monster Hunter franchise, and it will be available for Nintendo’s 3DS platform. To celebrate the release of the game next month, Capcom’s bestselling franchise is teaming up with one unlikely partner…


According to a scan from issue #46 of Weekly Shounen Champion magazine, Monster Hunter X will be teaming up with Wataru Watanabe’s bestselling sports manga, Yowamushi Pedal. The scan shows Kyoto Fushimi’s Akira Midousuji racing a Felyne wearing a Sohoku jersey while riding a bike. Midousuji is seen with the caption , “What the heck kind of Midōsuji-kun is this?.” No further details on the collaboration have been announced thus far.


So what do you guys think this collaboration will lead to? Will we see Yowamushi Pedal jerseys for Felynes to wear? Will we get YowaPeda-inspired weapons? Right now, it’s still not clear, but do stay tuned as more announcements will surely be made in the days to come.

Source: ANN