With the Evangelion Shinkansen, also known as the “500 Type Eva Project”, becoming fully operational starting 3 November 2015. JR West, which runs the Sanyou Shinkansen line the train will be traveling on, has announced a few souvenirs to remember the unforgettable train ride.


Awajiya Bento will be serving an exclusive Evangelion ekiben bento in their Shin-Kobe and Nishi-Akashi Stations for 1,500 yen. These bentos are served ceramic containers shaped exactly like the Evangelion Shinkansen and comes with salmon and salmon roe to represent the parent-child relationship, which is central to the story. These bentos will be served starting 7 November, and only 50 will be served each day. Now Shinji, eat the damn bento!


The main stations in the Sanyou Shinkansen line will also be selling various merchandise. The items being sold include a folding ruler (300 yen), train pass holders (850 yen) and a clear file set (500 yen).

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Metal keyholder (600 yen), ballpoint pens (550 yen), and a cellphone strap (600 yen).


Slide mirror (550 yen), train pass holder (500 yen), glasses case with cleaning cloth (1,100 yen), metal badges (500 yen).


Reversible carry pouch (950 yen), A6 notebook (250 yen), adhesive label set (400 yen), smartphone stand (1,100 yen), carabiner (750 yen)


And of course, what’s a ride in a shinkansen without snacks? They will also be serving cookies, lemon ramune-flavoured lollipops, caramels, and potato snacks which come in marinated roe, soy, lemon and takoyaki octopus-ball flavors.

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There are also some area exclusive items like the special Eva Shinkansen key holder and train pass case that’s only available at Hiroshima (left) and the Eva Shinkansen key holder and hard-cover notebook only available at Fukuoka (right).


Looks like it might just be one expensive train ride, but if you ask me, it’s all worth it!

Source: Rocket News 24