These days, we can now get to change the colors of our eyes with contact lenses, which range from a variety of colors from purple, red, blue, green, yellow, black, and everything in between. However, one product is giving a unique anime twist to these contact lenses and promises to make you that much closer to that “kawaii” or “moe” look you’ve always wanted.


Known as Anime Contacts, they come in three different designs and are not only worn by cosplayers, but can be used for everyday life as well, so you can have those sparkling anime eyes at home, school, work, or leisure time.

Ururu Eye, or Teary Eye

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Kirakira Eye or Sparkly Eye

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Kiratto Eye or Bright Eye

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However, these are non-prescription lenses and may not be good substitutes for those good’ol glasses or traditional prescription contact lenses. You can also mix and match them and wear two different designs at the same time. Each set of these Anime Contacts costs 3,300 yen.

Source: Kotaku