What makes a fujoshi? Is it the fact that you’re female and think about guys loving guys 7 days a week? Yes, that certainly is true, but what makes up a fujoshi? What are the signs that you are a fujoshi or are turning into one? One person from Japan, twitter user @kei_191919jihai, formulates a theory on exactly that, on what makes up a fujoshi. Here are 7 signs:

1 – You have a younger brother

Now, fujoshis mostly stumble upon several shounen anime like Kuroko’s Basketball or Haikyuu!! thanks to having brothers who own these types of mangas. Fantasies and shipping ensue.

2 – You like watching Tokusatsu shows

We’re not really sure why, but it does seem like many of Japan’s fujoshis also love tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider, Ultraman, or the various super sentai (Power Ranger) shows out there, but we do know that they are somehow shipping the leader, or the “Red Ranger” member of the group with a male teammate. From the people I know personally, I can attest to that.

3 – Reads Nakayoshi manga magazine


Nakayoshi is one of Japan’s premiere shoujo manga magazines, and many of its readers really do identify themselves as fujoshis. The manga has been known for romantic series, and has produced one of the most popular shoujo mangas in history, Sailor Moon, and Kei attributes these mixes of light action and romance to trigger some fujoshi tendencies.

4- Goes from shoujo manga to Shonen Jump! instead of fashion magazines

When you follow series like Kuroko’s Basketball or Haikyuu!! a lot more than trying to find out what are the trendiest dresses or learning how to style yourself, then you may really be a fujoshi according to Kei.

5 – Reads CoroCoro Comics


Just like Tokusatsu, we’re not entirely sure about why fujoshis tend to like CoroCoro, as it mostly features mangas from children’s hobby games like Let’s Go! (Mini 4WD), Pokemon, and Yo-Kai Watch, but this ties in with the younger brother angle somehow.

6 – Enrolled in an all-girls’ school

Well, not getting enough time to spend with guys or be around guys may be a good reason for those fujoshi tendencies to arise.

7 – You are a good student

Most fujoshis are actually pretty good in their studies and actually excel in school, but yeah, they do think of boys kissing boys a lot, maybe just as much as their studies.

Now there you have it, Kei’s 7 signs you might be a fujoshi. However, it seems that this one is kinda controversial. While many fujoshis agree with the list and say that it hits close to home, the others say that only a few points can relate to them, while some say none at all. But all of them seem to agree that things like this is hot.


The tweet has gotten over 20,000 retweets so far, and that suggests that the one who posted it may be on to something, Here’s the original post:

Source: Rocket News 24