There are many anime fans out there who want to get married in a romantic Sailor Moon-style wedding, and who can blame them? The anime is much loved the world over and would seem like a great theme for that perfect marriage ceremony. Now however, fans in Japan can officially register their marriage in a very Sailor Moon kind of way.


In Japan, just handing a marriage registration to your local government office is enough for two people who love each other to get married, and no elaborate ceremonies, no rice throwing, no bouquet tosses, no priests, are required to be officially recognized as a married couple. And now, thanks to Konin Todoke Seisakujo/Design Laboratory for Marriage Paperworks, couples can now be married to each other with the help of Sailor Moon!

They are now offering some lovely Sailor Moon marriage registration papers, which will actually be accepted by the Japanese government and will be enough to have your union be recognized officially. They come in two different designs and will cost 3,000 yen.

Sailor Moon Romantic Love edition


Sailor Moon Makeup Princess edition


Each Sailor Moon marriage registration set comes with three papers, two for the required submission and one for you and your wife/ husband to keep as your own copy and for collecting purposes as well.

Source: Press Release