Usually, the itashas we see are normal everyday cars, the biggest ones may be SUVs or vans. However, one flatbed truck found in Taiwan may be the largest one out there, and it sports a pair of heavy cruisers (with emphasis on heavy) from DMM and Kadokawa’s popular PC browser game, Kantai Collection.


The Takao-class heavy cruisers, Takao and Atago, are known to big and heavy… top heavy to be specific. For such a LARGE itasha, it seems that the owner has chosen some pretty fitting characters. The side doors of the truck even feature the two fleet girls, with Takao taking the left side, and Atago taking the right side.


Pan-Pa-Ka-Paaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Now, these flatbed trucks usually come with tarps to cover their cargo, and it seems that the owner even has his own custom tarp cover, featuring the lovely Atago herself. Pan-Pa-Ka-Paaaaaaaaaaaaaan!


The image also reveals that the Kantai Collection ita-truck usually carries some construction material, which makes one wonder if he’s carrying them to build his own ship. Remember, to build your own fleet girl, all you need is some fuel, some steel (which are seen in the back of his truck), some ammo, and some bauxite. But jokes aside, this flatbed truck is indeed very impressive, especially to a huge Kantai Collection fan such as myself.

Source: Rocket News 24