It’s almost Halloween, and before the ghosts, demons, monsters, ghouls and goblins make their annual takeover, one Super Mario Bros. fan decided to put a unique twist on the Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving.


With the help of stencils, X-acto blades, some very steady hands, and awesome carving skills, DeviantArtist Ceemee has shown one of her amazing video game-themed works, and it involves Mario’s brother, Luigi.

pumpkin-1 pumpkin-5

However, this talented food carver ain’t done yet as she finishes her unique Jack-O-Lantern with a Boo to complete the Halloween theme.


Add in some LED lights and you’ve got a nice Halloween masterpiece going on because that Boo in the back really adds a nice light effect for a great background.


Wouldn’t this be a great addition to your room’s Halloween decor as you wait for kids trick-or-treating and kicking back on a nice horror movie. Now if only I could decide on what I will be wearing…

Source: Rocket News 24