People are about to be able to catch Pokemon in real life with the upcoming Pokemon Go app, they will need some where to conduct a Pokemon battle. Where else better than in a Pokemon Gym and as the first of many, Pokemon EXPO Gym will be opening in Osaka!

Note: It hasn’t been announced that the venue will have facilities that are built for Pokemon GO. It will be cool if there are though~

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The gym scheduled to open it’s doors to aspiring Pokemon trainers on 19 November 2015, can be found in Osaka’s EXPOCITY, next to the Osaka Expo Memorial Park Station. The Pokemon EXPO Gym has been dubbed as a “hands-on edutainment facility” which kids can not only enjoy themselves, but learn as well.

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Admission is at 500 yen and patrons will be get a free membership pass/IC Card, or a Pokepera translator as it will be called.

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Kids can get to enjoy several different attractions, including Charizard’s Battle Colosseum, which for 600 yen, they can have a battle against a trainer and her Charizard.

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The other attractions include Smeargle’s Studio, Zoroark’s Evil Dojo, Machamp’s Aid Center, and even a bowling attraction with Pokemon Battle Bowling!


And if you are looking to bring back some goodies to commemorate the visit, there will be Pokemon merchandise sold in this Pokemon gym!


Source: 4Gamer