Japan’s Kyoto Gakuen University is heading conservation efforts for the endangered Chestnut Tiger Butterfly, and their recent ads, which star seiyuu Haruka Tomatsu (Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki and To Love-Ru’s Lala Deviluke,) as the university’s PR mascot, Sono Uzumasa, talks about the their efforts to save them. Now, the “completed version” for these ads have finally been released, and without further ado, here they are:

“The Dream of the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly” TV ads promotes the protection of endangered species, and features Sono Uzumasa learning about the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly. Kyoto Gakuen announced they have installed flower sanctuaries for these butterflies around the university grounds, which is also an environment-friendly campus which promotes biodiversity.

The Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau has also recently teamed up with the Kyoto Gakuen University for a PR campaign which not only has Tomatsu reprising her role as Sono Uzumasa, but also introduces her “cousin”, Moe Uzumasa, who is voiced by Nana Hasegawa.

Here are some of the collaboration posters:

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Source: Crunchyroll