This coming 02 Dec, seiyuu Inori Minase will be celebrating her birthday and she will be receiving a rather unique present. Her own solo debut! Known for voicing all sorts of adorable loli characters like Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? and the more recent Yuki from Gakkou Gurashi, what can we expect from this solo debut?

Inori Minase or Inorin as nicknamed is a seiyuu under Sony Music Artists Inc. Not long ago she mentioned in an interview that if she failed her next audition, she would quit being a seiyuu. Fortunately for us she succeeded so we can continue seeing this adorable and very talented seiyuu in action. Did I mention that she’s adorable?

This year has definitely been a great year as a seiyuu for her. With main roles in big anime like Danchigai, Gakkou Gurashi and the movie Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, she’s definitely a rising star among younger seiyuu.

For people who are new to her, after seeing that her roles seems to consist of nothing but loli characters, you may already have your opinions on how her debut is going to turn out. However, if you take a listen to her character song from Symphogear, that may change how you see her.

Amazed? It’s not often you get to hear someone singing about genocide and the song definitely blew me away when I first heard it. This definitely makes me excited for her solo debut. Maybe with a little luck, we might see her performing at AFA in the future!