The hit web comic One Punch Man is now an anime and is coming to AFA Singapore! With a million views under its belt, this series that packs shounen action with a dose of daily humour is a the latest hit with audiences coming to Singapore!


Your run-of-the-mill average Joe, Saitama (CV:Makoto Furukawa) tells us about embarking on his own training programme to become stronger, determined to become a hero. In those 3 years of self-imposed training, he gained formidable strength but lost all of his hair. Donning his signature yellow suit and cape, his signature move is an all-powerful single punch which can defeat any opponent. He now seeks to find stronger adversaries to defeat, otherwise, he will just live a very ordinary, boring life. This series is a fun take on the livelihood of superheros, as we follow Saitama as he takes on foes, gains a new disciple – blonde cyborg Genos -, while keeping ahead of the best supermart bargains.


The series is currently being shown across the globe (North America, Central America, Latin America, Europe, and South Korea) digitally on and Viz Media. This month, it is making its way to AFA’s main stage!

Makoto Furukawa (caped) with Animation Director Kubota
Makoto Furukawa (caped) with Animation Director Kubota

Of course, the main event won’t be complete without our Caped Baldy, Saitama! He will be appearing as alter ego/seiyuu Makoto Furukawa on 29 November 2015 at AFA’s main stage! Meet the voice behind the man with the killer fist, and decide for yourself if he is indeed as impressive as Saitama!

Furukawa is no stranger to audiences as you may have heard him opposite Yui Horie in Golden Time as the amnesiac can’t-decide-his-love-life, Banri Tada, or as a soldier Shigo Kakei in Aldnoah.Zero. You might even be surprised to hear him as the middle blocker Yuutarou Kindaichi from Aoba-Jousai of Haikyuu!


One Punch Man began as a web comic in 2009 by a mangaka under the pseudonym of ONE. It was picked up as a digital manga in 2012 under the Weekly Young Jump (週刊ヤングジャンプ) with illustrations from Yusuke Murata, the creator of Eyeshield 21. The anime adaptation started airing in October 2015 and the series has now spawned its own version of a Saitama nendroid .

One Punch Man will be featured at the day stage on Sunday, 29 November 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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