The duo of GARNiDELiA will be making their way to Singapore once again for Anime Festival Asia as part of Sunday’s I Love Anisong Reboot concert!


Who is GARNiDELiA?

GARNiDELiA consists of vocalist MARiA and producer Toku. MARiA is famous for her activity on NicoNico Douga as an utaite (singer on Nico Nico Douga) and an odorite (dancer on Nico Nico Douga) for many years, having covered many popular Vocaloid songs, while singing her own original songs as well. As an odorite, she often performs with Miume and Kamen Liar 217, for three songs titled Lamb., Girls and Pink Cat. Toku, also known as TokuP, is a Vocaloid producer who has also collaborated with famous artistes such as LiSA,Mami Kawada, and Mashiro Ayano, producing a couple of hit songs such as Crossing Field and Vanilla Sky.  Two of his most famous works to date as a producer are SPiCa and ARiA, which has been covered by Hatsune Miku and later by MARiA.

Having first collaborated over 5 years ago on Toku’s hit song ARiA, they have since released two indie albums, ONE and PLUSLIGHTS -21248931-, a couple of singles and even their first full album earlier this year titled Linkage Ring.  Their singles have been used as the theme songs for a couple of famous anime, such as  
. Their songs generally fall under the progressive rock or the electro genre, but as they have mentioned last year at AFA Singapore 2014, their genre is “GARNiDELiA”. Earlier this September, they have released an “Indies Best”Album titled BiRTHiA, featuring many songs from their two Indie albums, a few unreleased songs as well as an entirely new song titled Birth.

Famous songs?

The very first song is ARiA which was the first song where MARiA and Toku collaborated on many years ago. This version is the remixed and updated version you can hear on the Birthia album. Accompanying the original acoustics is their live band in this new version, as well as the other remixed songs in Birthia.

This second song is titled MIRAI from their fourth single of the same name. This slow ballad shows GARNiDELiA’s diversity as a unit able to take on all sorts of genres. While they normally do powerful fast numbers like Ambiguous, Blazing or Grilleto, this wonderful song is the ending theme for Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation.

This last song is the most famous dance song by MARiA, Miume and Kamen Liar 217 titled Lamb. At last year’s I Love Anisong 2014 in Singapore, we were treated to a surprise as Miume joined MARiA to perform this song on stage. Not only is the song very catchy, the dance is very mesmerizing!

GARNiDELiA has recently concluded their third solo live titled stellacage vol.iii on the 6th of November at Toyosu Pit. I really enjoyed my time at stellacage vol.iii and there were a few surprises there. I hope that they will be sharing some of the fun there and bringing it over to Singapore later this week! What can we expect to see from them this upcoming Sunday? Share your comments below!


Anime Festival Asia 2015 happens on 27-29 November 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre! Check out the official website here: Anime Festival Asia

GARNiDELiA will be performing alongside Lia, Mika Kobayashi with Tetsuro Shimaguchi, nano and May’n on the third day of I Love Anisong Reboot! If you have not gotten your tickets yet, you still have a couple of days more to do so! Check the ticketing page here: Ticketing

GARNiDELiA’s Official Twitter account: GARNiDELiA

MARiA’s Official Twitter account: MARiA

Toku’s Official Twitter account: Toku