Hayao Miyazaki’s animated works are timeless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and people of all cultures. These films have been loved by the world over, and one YouTube documentary video takes a good look at the “essence of humanity” of his movies. The video is made by Lewis Bond and uploaded via Youtube’s Channel Chriswell, and Bond even sat down with the man himself to talk about his legendary movies.

It’s no wonder Hayao Miyazaki won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, his works hit you at the core and really understands the “essence of humanity.” In regards to whether his works sell or not, the animation legend had this to say:

“Its success is not a priority. What’s important is that you are doing what you want. Our foremost objective here is making good films.”


What makes Hayao Miyazaki’s movies so successful are their attention to the minute details, their characters, their attention to their development, rather than heavily focusing on the plot itself. The video is an excellent explanation of his movies and a must-watch for any Ghibli fan.

Source: Rocket News 24