Fairy Tail fans, rejoice! The wrap-around jacket of Volume 52 of Fairy Tail has revealed that the manga’s prequel story, Fairy Tail Zero, will be getting adapted into a TV anime!


The anime’s official website also revealed a new key visual image, announcing that the TV anime will be making its premiere on January 2016. The website also reveals the main cast of the anime, which includes the founding members of Fairy Tail and Zeref.

Mamiko Noto as Mavis Vermillion


Katsuyuki Konishi as Yuri Dreyer (Makarov’s father)


Hiroshi Shirokuma as Warrod Sequen


Yoshihisa Kawahara as Precht (Who will become the Fairy Tail villain, Hades)


Akira Ishida as Zeref


The seiyuu for Zera will be announced on Weekly Shounen Magazine’s next issue


Fairy Tail Zero follows the story of how the Fairy Tail guild was founded by Mavis, Yuri, Warrod, and Precht. So, who is excited for January? I surely am!