Last weekend on 21 November, Girls und Panzer der Film finally opened in theaters across Japan. As the box office numbers for the last weekend have been announced, it was revealed that the anime movie has taken 2nd place in its opening weekend, just behind Raintree no Kuni, a movie based on a fictional novel seen in Library Wars.

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The #2 ranking is actually quite impressive as Girls und Panzer der Film is actually a limited theatrical release, and was only shown across 77 screens in Japan. It bagged 128,438,980 yen on 84,752 tickets sold on its opening weekend, and actually defeated Raintree no Kuni in per theater average by twice the margin, as it earned 1,668,000 yen per theater average over last weekend’s #1 film’s 652,339 yen. Raintree no Kuni was released in 190 screens across Japan and earned 123,944,520 yen from 91,726 ticket sold, which makes one wonder what might have been if Girls und Panzer der Film was not a limited theatrical release.

The animated movie adaptation of The Little Prince makes it to #3 in the list, while the live action movie adaptation of My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!) is at #8, beating out The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, which is at #9.