The staff of the idol anime, Locodol, have announced a very special Christmas treat for the fans of the Nagarekawa Girls. It was announced during a special event that the anime’s second OVA, will be aired on Christmas eve, right before the OVA will be released for home video.


The Locodol anime staff announced that OVA will be airing the OVA as a Christmas TV special. The OVA will be broadcast late at night before TBS’s other affiliate channels will be airing it as well on 25 and 26 December. Not only that, a special screening event of the OVA will be held in Cinemart Shinjuku on 24 December, which will be attended by both Nagarekawa Girls themselves,  Miku Itou (Nanyako Nanako) and Sachika Misawa (Yukari).

And speaking of Yukari and Nanyako… I mean Nanako, both members of the Nagarekawa Girls will be performing the OP song for this new OVA. The performers for the ED song will be announced on a later date.

Source: animeanime