The Japanese fashion brand, earth music&ecology has announced that they are teaming up with Shaft’s critically acclaimed magical girl anime franchise, Madoka Magica, for a very special collaboration.


For the first week of the collaboration, which begins on 28 November, earth music&ecology will be releasing the items being modeled by Madoka and Homura. For Madoka, she is wearing something inspired by her Ultimate Madoka form, with a pastel cardigan (12,090 yen), space-pattern dress (6,990 yen), Silver Wing Ring Ultimate Madoka ver. (11,900 yen), and a square shoulder bag (6,990 yen). For Homura, she is wearing an embroidered turtle knit pullover (3,990 yen), embroidered checkered skirt (4,990 yen), square shoulder bag (6,990 yen), and a Wing Ring ver. Akuma Homura (13,900 yen).

The collaboration will be worth two weeks, and the second week, which starts 5 December, will introduce some items, which are again modeled by Mado and Homuhomu. Madoka gets a parka (7,590 yen), and a “Different Space series” bag (6,990 yen). Homura will be getting her own “Different Space series” tote bag (4,990 yen) and parka (7,590 yen), as well as her own pair of shoes (7,990 yen). They will also be selling other merchandise, including clear file folders, badges, and postcards.


Source: earth music&ecology official tumblr page