The pirates of One Piece have to be fit in order to survive the high seas, and what better way to stay fit and healthy than a marathon? That’s because the 5.5K One Piece Run is heading to Japan starting next year, so better start practicing One Piece fans!


The 5.5Km-ling marathon run will be held in Okinawa on 20 march 2016. To complete this marathon’s One Piece theme, the runners will be passing through various sets, which are modeled after some of the unforgettable locations in One Piece. And like most marathons these days, freebies such as shirts and wristbands will be given away.


Those who finish the marathon also get a special treat as there will be an after party right after the race, with singer Hiroshi Kitadani and J-pop band D-51 performing as guests. Both musical acts have performed the 1st and 6th OP songs respectively.

But believe it or not, the 5.5K One Piece Run did not originate in Japan, but in Taiwan, where the anime also has a huge following. The first one was held back in May with 11,500 participants. The One Piece-inspired sets include ones from the Fishman Island arc and Punk Hazard.

Source: ANN