The December 2015 edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine has revealed new details on the upcoming Sword Art Online movie. According to the magazine’s announcement, the movie’s story will be taking place after the events of the Sword Art Online II anime, specifically after the heart-wrenching Mother’s Rosario arc.


The movie’s story will be an all-original story, which will be written by Sword Art Online and Accel World creator, Reki Kawahara himself. In the light novels’ timeline, the arc which happens after Mother’s Rosario is the Alicization Arc, the longest arc in the series. This means that the film’s story may have chronologically happened in between Mother’s Rosario and the Alicization Arc.

Speaking of Sword Art Online and Dengeki G’s magazine, the series was featured in the December 2015 edition’s cover, which also included a pair of SAO clear file folders.

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No exact release date for this upcoming SAO movie has been confirmed so far.

Source: @kagayakiru