Choucho, who previously performed the OP song for the 2012 Girls und Panzer TV anime, “Dream Riser,” is also the one responsible for performing the theme song for the series’ own movie, Girls und Panzer der Film, which is now showing in Japan. A short music video (MV) has been posted, and it gives us a preview of the anime movie’s theme song, which also serves as Choucho’s next single.

Slated for release on 25 November, the song is titled “piece of youth,” and it will also come with a second song, titled “Glory Story.” Here is the CD jacket for the upcoming single, which features the crew of the Angler Fish Team:


The single CD’s second song, “Glory Story,” will also be part of the anime film’s official sound track, as it will serve as an image song. Here it is, as featured in the anime’s full PV:

And speaking of Choucho, she was seen hanging out with Girls und Panzer seiyuus, Ai Kayano (Saori Takebe) and Mai Fuchigami (Miho Nishizumi) during the movie’s premiere event.

Source: Crunchyroll