The 6-part Digimon Adventure movie series, Digimon Adventure tri., will be featuring updated versions of its theme songs, include the OP song, Butter-fly, the Digimon evolution/ insert song, brave heart, and the first ED song, I Wish. With the 25 November release of these songs fast approaching, Toei has revealed the cover illustrations for all three singles.

“Buttery-Fly tri. Version” by Koji Wada

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“brave heart tri. Version” by Ayumi Miyazaki


“I Wish tri. Version” by AiM


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While Koji Wada is performing the new version for his iconic Digimon OP song, Ayumi Miyazaki will also be returning with the newer version of the evolution/ insert song, brave heart. Seiyuu, Ai Maeda, also known as the singer, AiM, who is the original seiyuu behind Mimi, will be performing I Wish once again, but like the other two songs, it will be a newer version just for Digimon Adventure tri.

All three single CDs are now available for pre-order with a price of 700 yen. The first part for the series is scheduled for a limited theatrical run on 21 November, four days before the release of the singles on 25 November.