Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is coming close, and AFACHAN had the chance for an email interview with Maaya Uchida.

Previously, we published the interview with Ayana Taketatsu, Yumiri Hanamori, Yurika Endo and Suzuko Mimori. Next up we have Maaya Uchida, whom many of you know is a voice actress associated to many “Chuu-ni-Byou” characters. She made her solo debut as a singer last year, with the single “Soushou Innocence”.

Maaya Uchida has played characters including, Rikka Takanashi “(Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai), Misa/Yusa Kurobane (Charlotte) and Ranko Kanzaki (Cinderella girls). She will be making an appearance with singer Lia and director Yoshiyuki Asai at the Charlotte stage!

Here are some questions answered by Maaya Uchida:

What inspired you to become a voice actress or singer? Do you have any goals or anyone who you look up to?

“As a voice actress, I would always aim to confront the characters I have to voice, keeping it in mind as I work.
I am still learning as a singer, living one day at a time and doing my best each day is my goal.”

You are known to be a gamer at heart, what is your favourite game of all time? Or is there any game that you would like to challenge now?

“My favourite game is 「FINAL FANTASY VII」. I am greatly influenced by the characters in that game.
The game I am challenging now is 「Uncharted」. I have completed 「Uncharted 3」and will be starting over 「Uncharted 1」&「Uncharted 2」.”

The biggest highlight of the second day of the Anisong Concert is the P’s Live, do tell us what we can expect from the performance.

“There are many artistes who are participating together in this concert, a collaboration that everyone could enjoy!
It is very seldom that the members participating actually get together to perform, this could be the highlight of the concert!”

Are there any surprises prepared for the fans during AFASG2015.

“I intend to showcase songs that are yet to be performed in concerts in Japan! It would be great if everyone could cheer loudly for me! Do come to AFASG15 to listen to all the different songs!”

Finally, a message to your fans coming to AFASG2015.

“Since it is the first time I will be travelling to Singapore, it is making me very nervous! There are also many Anime fans in Singapore that I would love to meet and have fun together with, I hope we can spend a lovely day together!

Please support me at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015!”

From the interview, we know that Maaya Uchida is very excited to meet all of you fans at AFASG15!

Here you go, some news songs from her new album, “Penki”, releasing on the 02 Dec 2015!

Maaya Uchida will be performing on the second day of AFASG15 P’s LIVE!
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