Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is getting close! To keep you excited, AFACHAN conducted an email interview with the cast of P’s Live.

Previously, we published the interview with Ayana Taketatsu, Yumiri Hanamori and Yurika Endo. In this instalment, we bring to you the interview with Suzuko Mimori, whom many of us would be very familiar with. She has a successful career as a seiyuu, lending her voice in popular anime such as Love Live, Infinite Stratos. She had been to AFASG as part of the Milky Holmes cast and Love Live cast for a few years. However, this year she will be coming as a solo artiste as part of P’s LIVE! on the second day of the I Love Anisong concerts.

To find out more about Suzuko Mimori, check out our previous article here, where we wrote a brief history of her solo singing career as well as what she did for previous P’s Lives in Japan.

The Interview:

Q: Could you tell us about your aspirations and drive as a voice actress/singer?

I want to be able to do something that only I as voice actress Suzuko Mimori, alone can do!

Q: What would you like to challenge yourself to do in Singapore?

I want to speak as much English as possible during the MC segments!

Q: What can we look forward to for the P’s Live concert?

Look forward to collaborations that will only be performed for just one night!

Q: Do you have any surprises prepared for AFASG15?

What songs I will be singing will be the surprise!

Q: Can we have a message to the fans who will be coming to see everyone at AFASG?

I am excited to perform my solo songs in Singapore for the first time! I will do my best to bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

A short and sweet interview with Suzuko Mimori! We can feel her excitement just from her answers! She has also revealed some things that you can look forward to on the second day of AFASG15’s P’s Live concert. For those who have already acquired their tickets for the concert, you can expect to see collaborations between artistes performing at P’s Live and also for the first time in Singapore, Suzuko Mimori’s solo songs!!

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Suzuko Mimori will be performing on the second day of AFASG15 P’s LIVE!
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