Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is getting close! To keep you excited, AFACHAN conducted an email interview with the cast of P’s Live.

Previously, we had published the interview with Ayana Taketatsu and Yumiri Hanamori. In this instalment, we bring to you the interview with Yurika Endo, who is known for singing theme songs for various anime like Z/X IGNITION and Majimoji Rurumo just to name a few.

Before we jump to the interview, here’s a short introduction for those who are not familiar with Yurika Endo.

She is an up-and -coming voice actress in Japan. She won the Grand Prix, the “Koe-tama princess” prize at “The 2nd Ponican Koe-tama Grand Prix Audition 2012”. She made her debut as part of “YURI*KARI” in April 2013 and as a solo artist in 2014, after which she began her main career as a voice actress where she voiced Aina Mikage in “Z/X IGNITION”, Tanako Kujirai in “Magimoji Rurumo”, Yoshikawa Haruno in “Ace of Diamond”, and Asuna Kangoshi in “Comical Psychosomatic Medicine”.


The Interview:

Q: Could you tell us what aspects of your job as a voice actress/singer makes you enthusiastic about doing it and your goals as a voice actress/singer?

I aim to be an actress/singer who can touch the hearts of others. To be able to continue working as long as I live is something I strive to achieve. 

Q: You performed as a DJ at AFAID’s Pony Canyon stage as well as Animax’s DJ Night. What do you feel are the differences between performing as a DJ and as a singer?

As a singer, I think about how much I can express my feelings and thoughts through singing. As for a DJ, it’s more of how I can have fun together with the audience. To me, singing is more of transmitting feelings through songs while DJ-ing is more of sharing the moment together.

Q: Did you have fun at AFAID15?

Lots of it! It is rare for me to be able to perform at so many stages in a period of just a few days. Such chances are hard to come by in Japan! (laughs) 

I enjoyed meeting fans of anime everyday at the event. There were some who showed me that they play the mobile games that I have a part in. I’m glad to know that even though we live in places so far apart, we are connected through platforms like these.

Q: Do you have any surprises prepared for AFASG15?

I’m not sure if I can call it a surprise,  but I’ll be bringing my new single, which will be released on November 25, to AFASG! Please do get a copy! Please do look forward to the stage performance as well!

Q: Can we have a message to the fans who will be coming to see everyone at AFASG?

P’s Live was a huge success in Japan and I’m sure it will be equally as good at AFASG too!  As a performer, I’ll do my best to put up a performance that everyone will enjoy. Let’s have a great time together ☆I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

We have learned a lot from the interview! Are you looking forward to getting your hands on her new CD already? Not only will you be able to get your hands on her new CD, you’ll also be able to enjoy hearing new songs performed live (maybe) in just a few weeks time at AFASG! But for now we can enjoy the short music video below.

She’s looking forward to meeting everyone, will you be attending AFASG to meet her as well?

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Yurika Endo will be performing on the second day of AFASG15 P’s LIVE!
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