The Japanese pastry chain known for their eat-all-you-can cake buffets, Sweets Paradise, has teamed up with Hajime Isayama’s international bestselling manga series, Attack on Titan, for a very sweet collaboration. It features several Attack on Titan-themed cakes and turns Levi into a pastry chef while turning Eren into a waiter.


Sweets Paradise restaurants are now serving these collaboration goodies for a limited time, until 5 January 2016. Their food menu includes a Levi Omurice and a Colossal Titan wall cake. They will also be serving up some titanic treats like a gigantic Attack on Titan parfait and they are also offering several character-inspired drinks! And yes, even Potato Girl Sasha’s getting her own menu item.


However, these menu items will be changed in early December, so expect a different menu by next month. They will also be selling some special collaboration goodies, which include smartphone covers, clear file folders, key chains, coasters, and many more.


Source: Nijimen