November 11, or 11/11, has been designated as Pocky and Pretz day in Japan, in celebration of these well-loved Japanese snacks. Now, it’s pretty obvious that 11/11 looks like some Pocky or Pretz sticks standing up, and that it why its usually celebrated on that day. And since it is celebrated by Pocky fans in japan, here’s what a few of them did to commemorate the occasion, starting with the ever-lovable singer/ seiyuu/ actress/ Poke-fan/ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fangirl, Shoko Nakagawa:


Twitter users, @sodateya@yasuhiroshida, and @JONIEMON283 showed that having massive pecs like Arnold Schwarzenegger would be useful in celebrating Pocky Day!

And why let the guys be the only ones having fun for Pocky Day? Here’s @greatestgoriko and @monamona1919 showing the guys how it’s done!

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Renowned Japanese latte artist, @BELCORNO, also shows some Pocky love for Pocky Day, along with @george_10g

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While students bought a total of 1,111 boxes of Pocky just for 11/11:


Hey, even Google is celebrating Pocky Day as well!


Here’s how the Japanese social media users celebrated Pocky Day in their own special way:

Well, we may be a bit late to the party, but we would like to greet everyone, Belated Happy Pocky Day!

Source: Rocket news 24