Known for complicated love polygons, slapstick humor, jealous main girls, and great action, Rumiko Takahashi’s works are as unforgettable as they come, from Urusei Yatsura, to Ranma 1/2, to InuYasha, to Kyoukai no Rinne. Now, Acecook Ramen is teaming up with the legend herself for two new instant cup ramen, inspired by two of her greatest works.


The legendary mangaka was born in Niigata City, which is famous for various flavors, and these hometown Niigata flavors are the ones which have inspired the Urusei Yatsura ramen and the Ranma 1/2 ramen. The Urusei Yatsura ramen features a light soy sauce broth with leeks, menma, onions, and roasted pork, while the Ranma 1/2 ramen features a rich miso soup base with chicken, pork, bean sprouts, leeks, and red pepper.

However, the pork in the Ranma 1/2 ramen has been questioned by the fans, most particularly a certain Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama’s Gintoki and the Haruhi series’ Kyon) to wonder if it’s a certain boy who often transforms into a pig when wet… poor Ryouga, poor poor Ryouga.

These ramen will be hotting the shelves on Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets starting 7 December 2015 and will be sold at 180 yen per cup, tax still not included.

Source: Narinari